Ether Ten same as Uno with Ethernet sheild?

The EtherTen combines an Uno-equivalent Arduino-compatible board and Wiznet-based Ethernet support, along with a microSD card slot and Power-over-Ethernet support. [Product page]
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Ether Ten same as Uno with Ethernet sheild?

Post by Fatman » Fri Feb 12, 2016 8:24 pm

Hi all!

I'm obviously new to this product as I'm asking this kind of question. Is the functionality the same between Ether Ten and Uno with Ethernet shield?

I'm wanting to put together a SmartHome system using these components and then create my own interface as I am a programmer. I'll start slow and build from there but I'm having difficulties finding EtherTen in Europe (I'm in Portugal). Uno is easy to find and cheap but EtherTen, No.

Last question, will Freetronics ship to Portugal or do they have agents here? (Anywhere in Europe)

Gerard :?

Freetronics Staff
Freetronics Staff
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Re: Ether Ten same as Uno with Ethernet sheild?

Post by andrew » Sun Feb 14, 2016 3:58 am

Yes, the EtherTen is the equivalent of an Uno and W5100 Ethernet shield.

We have distbutors in the EU and UK, or yes we can ship to you in Portugal.

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