STM32L082KZT6 uC USB Project

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STM32L082KZT6 uC USB Project

Post by europa » Sun Apr 26, 2020 6:28 am



Have not posted on this site for some time but have just completed a project that I have been working on and thought some readers on this site might find it of interest ... then again, I could be wrong?

After having read numerous blogs it would seem apparent that the days of the 8 bit microcontroller chip for the hobby market are well and truly over. This is pretty much due to the fact that much more powerful and much cheaper, “bang-for-buck”, 32 bit microcontrollers are out there and readily available. These days you constantly read about some blue, green, red, black, you name it “pill”, STM32uC, that can be used with the Arduino IDE and you can pick them up for a fraction of the price of an Uno ilk device.

Just for a bit of diversity, this project is a bit different to those projects I just mentioned. It’s essentially a “hand-crafted”, SMD, through-hole hybrid, Arduino-ish footprint and speaks a flavour of FORTH ... Mecrisp-Stellaris, compliments of Matthias Koch. Yes, it can be made to speak C/C++ too!

The board comes with 192K FLASH, 20K SRAM and 6K EEPROM. The uC is the STM32L082KZT6, a LQFP-32 device. These ”L0”devices are designed for a lower power environment, screaming out to be used in a remote sensing environment and thus incorporates a Hope RFM69CW wireless module. The chips have USB hardware on the Silicon, as well as both USART and USB bootloaders and thus present the opportunity to ditch the ubiquitious FTDI adapters etc. and all the “chicken and egg” stuff so commonly blogged about. Have just completed writing and testing a USB Console and HAL which enables switching from the native USART1 based serial console to a USB serial console ... what a difference but what a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get there!

Am attaching a schematic, board layout and a pic. Any constructive comment welcome. If you are interested in any further specific details, you can try contacting me at


Matt Hodge.
fig (ii).jpg
board layout
fig (i).jpg
fig (iii).jpg
constructed board

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