Problems with Code

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Problems with Code

Post by ozchasers » Mon Sep 01, 2014 1:48 pm

I just received my EtherDue and I am playing around with it trying to get my existing code working.

One of the things that just refuses to work is the library for the RTC module, it gives me the following errors when trying to run the TestRTC example:

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In file included from TestRTC.ino:49:0:
C:\...\Arduino\libraries\DS3232RTC/DS3232RTC.h:82:22: error: 'tmElements_t' has not been declared
     static void read(tmElements_t &tm);
Also I have a where I can send to it commands and it is supposed to respond with text but it doesn't respond at all. The code works on the EtherMega but not on the EtherDue. Is the code on the Due different than other Arduinos?

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Re: Problems with Code

Post by angusgr » Wed Sep 03, 2014 12:02 am

Hi ozchasers,

The tmElements_t data type is defined as part of the "Time" library, which you can download as here:

Is it possible that this library was installed in the 1.0.x Arduino IDE version you were using for the EtherMega, and hadn't been installed into the 1.5.x IDE for EtherDue?

Let us know if you still run into problems, it my be that the RTC3232 library needs updating for Due.


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