Looking for working shield code , for WS3600

315MHz and 433MHz wireless connections are very commonly used by consumer electronics including weather stations, home automation remote controls, power consumption meters, car alarms, and also many DIY projects.
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Looking for working shield code , for WS3600

Post by rachalmers » Wed Aug 06, 2014 3:02 pm

I am getting "Weather Station Receiver has powered up" in the serial monitor - but that's it.

I have a Lacrosse WS3600 station here, plenty of signal (it's own console can see it) but this code is way old, and another version is hacked about.
I'm hoping I don't have to wade through this to update it....
The little brochure that comes with the receiver states that ..
"so it will work perfectly with the example software in that project"

oh no it doesn't..

anyone out there with working code on a ws3600. ?
Freetronics Eleven Uno + ASK Receiver Shield

I may have missed a solder joint ... but I don't think so.

I have a blue led lit up [Pwr], right next to it a green led [D6], the [D7] light is out, and toward the back of the 11 board, a blue led. Which is I think [PWR]
So I have power to the shield board. anyway,

thanks if anyone can help

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