Support fort 3.3v Peripherals / Level-Shifter Needed?

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Support fort 3.3v Peripherals / Level-Shifter Needed?

Post by wintermute3 » Thu Aug 23, 2018 6:55 pm

I am trying to migrate a project from a RoboRED UNO board to EtherTen, but on the RoboRED I have several 3.3v peripherals connected (oled display, weather sensors, etc). The RoboRED allows me to jumper-select a 3.3v core operating voltage, so all is well. What do I need to do to talk to 3.3v peripherals using an EtherTen? Do I need hardware level-shifters on all the 3.3v i/o, or is there some more elegant solution?

- Michael

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