DIY-Solar Energy USB Phone/Tablet Charger

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DIY-Solar Energy USB Phone/Tablet Charger

Post by miumiu » Fri Aug 19, 2016 9:55 am

Solar is a Wide source of energy all around the world. We can make full usage of it with many application including electricity Generation. For that we are pretty familiar with Solar panel. They simply Converts light energy into electrical energy. So i decided to make utlization of this energy in order to charge my Phone or tablet. Also it can be used for run other DC appliances(Low voltage and current) Like LED, Decoration lights etc.

So in this instructable i will show you how to make DIY-Solar Energy USB Phone/Tablet Charger in super easy way.

(The Project is best suitable for those who are beginner with solar panel and some basics electronics. Even Though for everyone because this will charge your phone for Free)
Step 1: Components you need
Here are the list of components
1. 12v solar panel

2. Zero PCB

3. PCB terminals

4. USB slot

5. Capacitors-10microF*2

6. 7805 Voltage Regulator
> Use can use Dc-Dc buck Converter also
The above parts were got from I write it down for your reference. :D

Tools you will need

Soldering Iron
Dremel tools
Glue gun
Step 2: Modifying Solar Panel
When we buy a Solar panel, at the back side of it we will find two terminal that is one positive and second is negative. We will going to add a terminal at the back side of panel.

Just solder a diode at the pisitive terminal at the panel and then to the PCB terminal. Also connect the negative of panel to the second PCB terminal pin

This will give to ease in use with the system. We now just need to insert the wires and tighten the screw.

Step 3: Prepairing Circuit Module
It uses a very common and simple circuit in order to step down the solar panel to around 5.0v. This voltage is neccesary to charge up the phone.Connect the circuit according to schematic.

Step 4: Preparing the case for mounting the usb slot and circuit
I use simple plastic casing laying around in my garage.
Just trim off a slot equal to USB and also two holes opposite to USB slot for input terminal from Solar panel.

Be careful while trimming off the slot. If necessary file it.Insert the USB into place as shown.

Step 5: Soldering
Solder the wire to the USB pins that is outer pins. Middle pins are for the Data connections we need not require to connect anything with them.

Solder the Circuit as per the schematic. Connect the USB to the Circuit as shown. Now we are ready to install them into case.

Warning: Do not harm the USB casing while soldering

Step 6: Assembling everything
Insert the USB into case properly and glue it.

Trim off the un-neccesary PCB such that it can Fit into our Plastic Case. If needed Add support to USB with the help of piece of paper as i did in photos.

That Green terminal is used to connect to Solar Panel. Glue them all and finally you are done.

Connect the wires as long as you want .

Plug USB cable into slot

Connect to your phone tablet.
Free Charging..:D

Step 7: See what you have make!
We have made our simple and Cheap Solar USB charger. It can charge your mobile for free. It will just need SUN to charge your phone and thats absolutely FREE..;)

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