C-tick questions

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C-tick questions

Post by pico » Tue Nov 22, 2011 3:02 am

First of all, hi everyone! My first post, this forum looks like it's going to be an awesome resource.

Sorry my first post is on such a mind-numbing and soul-destroying topic. But I've been reading all the material I can find on links on the ACMA and related sites for the last few days to try to get my head around C-tick regulations, and I'm still quite confused.

My questions stem from a simple question that I'm sure many reading here will relate to: If I want to incorporate some Arduino or Arduino-compatible modules into a more complex device that addresses a particular niche problem (say a home automation application), and I want to sell/install this device to others on a commercial basis (in other words, not a strictly at-home-just-for-myself-DIY-personal-hacking sort of project), what are the regulatory requirements regarding C-tick?

For example, an Arduino or Arduino-compatible board will have microprocessor capable of producing the sort of RF frequencies that ACMA cares about, presumably, but does that mean all such boards have to be C-ticked to be sold in Australia? Or do the fact that these boards are sold in "kit form" mean they are exempt?

More generally, it makes me wonder where the line gets drawn between selling a "product" and a "component", if that's relevant to C-tick requirements.

Anyone been down this road and might be able to cast a bit of light on the subject?

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Re: C-tick questions

Post by sawtellda » Tue Nov 22, 2011 5:56 am

Be prepared for a metric messload of conflicting and incomplete information when it cometo anything to do with C-Tick or A-Tick.

If you push the inferences everything electrical sold or installed in this country should have some form of C-Tick compliance. Finished products and their components. Immediately things get grey with components on who does and holds the compliance. The supplier or the OEM. Certainly anything installed within premises and cabled within walls will require a C-Tick.

The system is self regulatory, with all onus and responsibility falling back on the supplier. To get C-Tick registration yousimply apply to the ACMA for a number. Onus then falls on the supplier/manufacturer to maintain a register of all movement, testing, approval etc for the product/s. What testing and approvals are required is more a legal question than a practical one. Enjoy.

The nonsense of all this is that your great aunt needs individual test & tags to sell a few lamps at a church jumble sale, while a distributor can sell truckloads of dubious Asian goods with nothing more than some manufacturers test results. Bogus or otherwise. The onus is on the distributor.

There is more information on the ACMA website, welcome to the world of applied bureacracy.

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Re: C-tick questions

Post by LukeW » Fri Nov 25, 2011 6:02 am

Does your device have any kind of "deliberate" RF transmitter in it?

If so, you have to worry about interference and spectrum channels and power levels and stuff, but even if not, you still have to consider "accidental" electromagnetic interference.

Does your device have direct connection to a 240VAC wall plug? If so, that aspect of it has to be checked and compliant with standards.

Does the device have a connection to the PSTN? If so that's a whole other layer of standards and regulations and approvals you have to have.

Basically, it's a nightmare to even just figure out what you actually have to do, and even once you actually know, it's expensive and time consuming to actually get a test lab to test it and certify it.

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