I Need Help please

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I Need Help please

Post by F.Krueger » Fri May 05, 2017 3:15 am

Hi Guys
Yes, I feel like a bit of a leach, I sign up to just ask for help on the first post. But!! I have purchased Freetronics product so I hope you can over look that.

I need a hand if anyone can help with my home automation project. I have set up OpenHab on a Pi3 and running MQTT Broker. That's as far as I have got...
I'm an electrician in automation field so I'm quite used to the PLCs using inputs and outputs, how ever I don't get involved in the coding of devices often, we usually get someone with brains to come in for that, (would like to learn but need a base to start), Like in Johns Videos I want to use Arduino Uno’s with Ethernet shields in different locations around the house. After watching the superhouse videos about a year ago I have purchased the:
Freetronics EtherTen
2 x relay 8 driver shields
And a POE
These are perfect for what I want, how ever I do want some inputs aswell but that could be another step later.
The idea would be to set these up as Data gathering points around the house but I seriously lack the knowledge to code, I want to be able to see the inputs and outputs in openHab, Can anyone direct me to or help me develop some arduino code that can be used to control an EtherTen with 2 x 8 channel Relay driver shields via MQTT and OpenHab. More than happy to pay someone for their time to write it or assist. Im also happy to help anyone here with the mains side and regulations of their project as I am a Registered Electrical Contractor in Melbourne Australia.

In Saying all that from an Electricians point of view I would love be able to have the same code uploaded to each arduino other than changing the ip address and MQTT topic subscription. That way have all the automation is done by openHab.

Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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