Looking for a programer

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Looking for a programer

Post by triodit » Sun Jun 05, 2016 10:37 pm

I'm looking for help with Temperature control of window fan. But I can't program to save my life. I'm good with hardware. And I know this can be done but I can't design it. Here the project. I tried talking to the people on the Arduino Forum, but they were condescending and no one would stop trying to tell me that I couldn't load a program. Apparently they think I'm too stupid to know what I can and can't do. So to be clear, wiring in a USB to Serial and loading a program is something I have done. I don't need baby talk Just someone that's can write s short bit of code for me.

I have a window fan that I run when it's cool outside, to save money. I'd like to automate its operation. So what I want is to have 2 thermometers, one inside and out outside. Then have it so that when the temperature inside is above 70 AND the temperature outside is under 65. Then a relay is activated letting 120vac threw to the fan.

I know this is super simple. It should be as easy as 2 thermometers going from power to analog in. and 1 digital out controlling a relay. But I can't program to save my life.

I even have a parts list :(

Would anyone be willing to write the code and draw a circuit diagram? I'll pay $20 over pay pal for it. I know I'll have to tweek the code to get the temperatures right. But if you leave me comments in the code as to what variable to change and what kind of changes I should make to the variable. Then I can calibrate it. And I can solder just about anything if I have a basic line drawing. I'm NASA certified at soldering xD.

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