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USB Serial Adapter on Windows 10 for Sonoff (is this the right forum?)

Posted: Thu May 31, 2018 8:55 pm
by autefrum
I bought one of these to flash my Sonoff Basic firmware. ... xBdcUjRDIU

However, I can't see it in Windows 10 Home 64 bit Device Manager.

My ultimate goal is to get Microsoft Visual Code seeing this port and uploading Tasmota firmware, but I am getting an error message "ERROR: Failed to open COM3" (or COM5 or what ever it is set to) in VS Code.

I set my Baud rate to 115200 in the device manager and my upload config file (upload_speed = 115200)

I tried following the instructions ... xBes0jRDIU which say Windows 10 needs no driver installation, and my Device Manager had one device under "Ports" but I don't think it was this USB Serial Adapter as when I changed the port from COM3 to COM5, and changed my COM port in my config file to match, it did not make any difference.

I have downloaded the driver files from ... and manually installed two drivers:
Freetronics 16U2 USB (COM3)
Freetronics 8U2 USB (COM4)
and can now see them both "This device cannot start. (Code 10). The specified request is not a valid operation for the target device." messages.
Both show the yellow diamond exclamation mark.

The usb serial device is powered up when I plug it into my PC, and I have connected to to the Sonoff Basic, which is responding with a blinking LED so I know it is powered up and running. However I have not seen any evidence the board is getting anything other than power from the PC.

I could not find this device in any of the forums, so I posted in this generic one. Happy for anyone to redirect me to a more suitable place.

Which of the two Freetronics driver is best (16U2 vs 8U2)? What other port settings need to be changed? (eg data bits, parity);

Thanks in advance!