How do I connect the board to an Android phone?

The USBDroid provides USB Host functionality for use as an Android peripheral as an Open Android Development Kit board. [Product page]
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How do I connect the board to an Android phone?

Post by cjgaus » Sun Mar 09, 2014 4:05 am

I have just purchased this board from Jaycar Electronics and have followed the instructions on uploading the blinking light sketch and have it working.

I find it hard though to find information on connecting the board to a android phone. Can anyone help with the basics like connecting it to a arduino and turning the onboard led on and off via android.

I have seen that you can create your own apps with MIT app inventor but have no knowledge on where to start with syncing the usbdroid.

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Re: How do I connect the board to an Android phone?

Post by angusgr » Sun Mar 09, 2014 11:54 pm

Hi cjg,

The USBDroid is a "IOIO" compatible board, so IOIO resources are a good place to start getting it connected to Android.

A couple of places you can look include

Handbag - which allows you to work with the USBDroid from Android without writing apps with Eclipse and Java. This post is linked from the USBDroid home page: ... thout.html

If you want to go a level more complex and write full sized Android apps, this is also possible with the Android SDK and IOIO libraries. There are a variety of tutorials for IOIO and Android online, but here's a video that walks through the setup:

Let us know if that isn't enough to get you started.


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