Stackable, SPI controlled RGB 8x8 Led Matrix

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Stackable, SPI controlled RGB 8x8 Led Matrix

Post by Aussie_Wombat » Wed May 30, 2012 12:41 pm

How about a stackable RGB led matrix, that could be controlled by 3 Austria Microsystems AS1116 chips in the TQFN(4x4)-24 Package (4mm x 4mm) , or the QSOP-24 Package (6mm x 8.6mm), controlled by the SPI interface.

The AS1116, controls the brightness of the display (16 levels), as well as the data is refreshed by the chip itself, without the need for an interupt refresh, like the DMD. You could still send the data from a timerone interupt, from a memory map, etc

You could stack them together to make a larger display, in RGB colour...

Maybe use the LEDM88RGBCC from futurlec or something similar...

Cheers Dennis

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