a hacking prototype/breakout board.

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a hacking prototype/breakout board.

Post by cjdelphi » Thu May 24, 2012 1:32 pm

computer usb out.
mouse usb out.
any usb device out.

goes into the board from device, it gives the device 500ma of power at 5v, , now also on the board you have a usb out, which you feed back out to the computer or usb component, eg mouse.

now, then, have ports 0/1 hardwired to the atmel chip, and then that bus also leads back out to your computer or other usb device, so this breakout board has to power the board and relay the data at a specified board rate in the firmware, this would allow us to examine the packets to control a mouse or the packets of any usb device...

so it comes down to the type of connectors you want other than that a standard ftdi would be fine providing you only need it to write out your program, after that no communication, this breakout board should be possible right?

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