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EtherTen Replacement / Reset Shield

Posted: Sat Mar 12, 2016 10:22 pm
by drewgarth
A few years ago, i was wrestling with an EtherTen locking up over time, though it was actually the W5100 chip, not the EtherTen as such.
With the help of this forum, i was pointed in the direction of a 555 based external reset circuit.
Having spent a few hours yesterday creating another external reset shield on a protoboard, it led me to Product idea 1.

1) A simple stackable 555 reset shield...Possibly with the timing cap and control pin either left for the user to solder, or jumper selectable.
(i like the astable designs such as ... -heartbeat )

Product idea 2 would be my ideal.....

2) An EtherTen 2. (Upgraded EtherTen)
Based on the Uno R3 + the equivalent of the Ethernet Shield 2 (W5500 chip) + a built in external reset circuit
and really pushing things a DC-DC converter as onboard voltage reg, saving further power.
The W5500 supports standby/sleep state for low power.

The combination of the above would allow to create an extremely low powered and 100% reliable remote monitoring solution.
The Ethernet module can then sleep until data needs to be sent / retrieved and then sleep again.

Food for thought :)


Re: EtherTen Replacement / Reset Shield

Posted: Tue Mar 15, 2016 8:40 am
by andrew
Hello Andrew

Thank you for your feedback. We have an external reset module: ... mer-module

With regards to a fully-loaded W5500 board, we'll keep it in mind.

Re: EtherTen Replacement / Reset Shield

Posted: Sat Mar 19, 2016 9:29 pm
by drewgarth
Thanks for the reply.
I obviously used the wrong search terms when i tried to find if something like the watchdog timer module existed. I had been searching for 555 and Shield, i hadn't thought to search for a simple external module. Great to know that it exists, i know what i am doing next time :)