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Cable & mounting kit for DMDs: the DMD++ pack

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2013 4:46 am
by stryker

After playing with a few DMDs a recurring issue is in attaching them to each other. The standard ribbon cable is too short for multi-row arrays when you need to connect diagonally from one row of DMDs to the next; and while they have those neat protruding M3 screws for mounting, actually firmly putting them tightly adjacent to each other is a lot of fiddly work. Also, while ideally aluminium straps are strong enough for the task, with the exposed connections on the back of the DMD these need to be well insulated to avoid shorts, or potentially a rigid plastic would be preferred.

Also, if you make up a multi-DMD array presently you end up with a pretty pile of retail boxes and N-1 DMDCONs to recycle.

So when thinking of this extra hardware I initially thought these could be packaged with a DMD multipack, but since few projects with more than one DMD use the same number nor configuration of DMDs perhaps what might work is a DMD add-on pack which just includes the mounting hardware, cable, and an additional DMD. This would be in simple packaging without DMDCON to help reduce costs & waste. This way you'd start with one retail DMD and just add these packs to taste, gaining the hardware & cables to link them together.

If a pre-approved/tested cable kit could be provided for the longer diagonals, even if just restricted to mail order from Freetronics directly, that would be helpful too I think.


Re: Cable & mounting kit for DMDs: the DMD++ pack

Posted: Sun Nov 24, 2013 9:26 pm
by andrew
Interesting thoughts, thanks for your input.