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My frankenstein 7segment

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 12:35 am
by ledsarecool

Ha Ha Ha is this the biggest Arduino mess you have seen! :o no points here!!
Spare parts and nothing to do + :idea: = :mrgreen:

Thought I would post a my Frankenstein 2.3" 7 segment temp display to share for those who want to even use for RGB led strips for massive digits with a little more current.
Kind of freaky looking but I kind of like the clicking of the relays it gives.
I know a simple circuit could replace a lot seen here to drive the segments but its good for a banged up project from spares.
If you want the sketch PM.
This project uses around 7.5 of power also and the Arduino is powered through the 16 relay boards 12v power input.

Main parts used.

DS18b20 sensor.
3x 2.3 inch common cathode led segments, not cheap.
Arduino mega 2560.
16 and a 8 relay board module.
Adjustable PWM module for brightness.
Old Telstra Wifi modem power supply 12v 2A.
lots of jumper cables.
16 way cable.
16 way headers.
24x 390 ohm resistors.
1x 470ohm resistor.
Spare hook up cable.

Re: My frankenstein 7segment

Posted: Thu Sep 10, 2015 4:39 am
by andrew
Well it's the end result that matters, and that looks good :)
Thank you for sharing it with us.