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Posted: Mon Jun 24, 2013 3:36 am
by spleipnir
I wanted to share my work, so I have attached the code I’ve made in the zip file, but you'll need to visit the links in the sketch for the extra infos.
I had previously attempted to work with the onboard SD card to store RFID cards, users and logs, but it was not practical to update the credentials etc...
So I have combined the code from the “practical arduino RFID” and from (link in the sketch) with some extra code, from me, for the time stamp and log part.
This project will:
- Read an RFID tag
- Connect to an SQL database over the network
- Check the tag and date period allowed from the SQL database
- Add the tag if not there.
- Time stamp and log the transaction
- Return to control board the response from the SQL
I am currently using my home server, but will move to a Raspberry Pi soon.
I hope this will help others and welcome any improvement.