Extraterrement to achieve "Arthur" from Gramio 40 million euros.

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Extraterrement to achieve "Arthur" from Gramio 40 million euros.

Post by tom » Wed Feb 21, 2018 5:47 am

It is reported that Barcelona reached a preliminary agreement to grab the Middle East midfielder Arthur has been completed. With a total bill of 40 million euros

Catalan media


Reported that the "alien" reached an agreement with Graham and the 21-year-old star will move to represent the Andes. Iniesta future

Representatives of both sides consulted at Porto Alegre, Brazil's Barca side, with Robert Fernandez, Technical Director and Andreas Girard, their South American football team. Pioneered

There is also Romyo Bello, president of the club, Andrés Notteta, football director and Gabriel Vieira, who is a lawyer.

Reports from the Brazilian side indicated that Barcelona offered to pay 30 million euros plus conditions for another 10 million euros while Arthur's tear-off fee was 50 million euros.

It is believed that the conditions are divided into 5 million euros for the match and another 5 million euros if the player receives a new contract from Barcelona.

However, both sides will be discussing again this Tuesday (Brazil) to finalize the agreement. One of them is that Barça will draw compatriots to Camp Nou immediately after the World Cup in Russia. Or will be lent and before joining the team in January next year.

It is also possible that Graeme will announce this deal officially. After the discussion is finished.sbo222

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