I do not know how to do it.

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I do not know how to do it.

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"Akihiko Honda", a famous promoter of Japan, Sisaket will be able to conquer the planet. Believe in the 115-pound boxing nature advantage. Estrada crosses over to find the same end as Roman Gonzalez Mr. Kiat Kanyasirikul, Executive Director of the World Boxing Federation (WBC), revealed that after meeting with Japan's giant promoter, Akihiko Honda, As well as the chief of the Roman Gonzalez, the old rivals, both Sisaket and Estrada Mr. Honda know that Sisaket is preparing for a good rehearsal. And the flag that will beat Estrada certainly by the view that despite being good, but a good little Estrada is not a box 115 pounds naturally. It is a small boxing weight gradually up against the Sisaket boxing 115 pounds natural. Strong and heavy punch will be advantageous at this point. "Super Fly 2" on February 25th (Thailand time) at The Forum, California, USA Channel 23, broadcast live from 9.00 am.sbo666

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