Dash Car Charger – Stock Update

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Dash Car Charger – Stock Update

Post by JoeClark » Sat Nov 18, 2017 9:44 am


Since its release late last year, our Dash Charge technology has been something of a fan-favorite. When we launched the OnePlus 3 with Dash Charge, many spoke highly of the ability to charge up their phone for just half an hour right before their commute. With the Dash Car charger we turned every traffic jam into the perfect opportunity to refuel your device. Just watch our comparison video to see how the Dash Car Charger fares on the road.

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Re: Dash Car Charger – Stock Update

Post by jamesthoms » Thu Nov 23, 2017 11:04 am

The dash board charger is a great invention you can charge your charger while traveling easily and it only takes an half hour to charge the mobile phone its much faster then a normal charger of mobile phone now you can charge your mobile for 24 hours like 24 Hour Towing in New York

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