Wooden floor pavement

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Wooden floor pavement

Post by zongyi » Fri Dec 08, 2017 1:01 am

Often said that the quality of the third floor wooden flooring, seven sub-pavement, pavement quality for the later use of the floor is particularly crucial. Paving the environment before paving a comprehensive inspection is to ensure the quality of pavement an important part of,Wholesale Top Composite Decking
if the environment is not up to the standard laying of the floor, the floor after a period of time prone to quality problems. The so-called speed is not up, so before starting paving, let us fully understand what environmental conditions in order to achieve the requirements of paving the floor.
Detection of ground moisture content: water content tester with the ground moisture content, the standard requirements of ordinary ground 20%, the laying of geothermal floor standards 10%. If the ground moisture content is too high, the floor is easy to absorb water swelling, causing the floor arching, drums, sound and other issues,composite paint for wood decks

so if the ground moisture content exceeds the standard value, to dehumidification.
Check the ground smoothness: with 2M ruler flat on the ground, with a 3mm thick feeler check the gap between the ground and the ruler, failed, then passed, then failed. If the ground is uneven,pvc decking reviews 2012

you need to use a blade chisel flat, in serious cases to re-leveling or self-leveling. Floor roughness is not up to the standard and the pavement, it will cause the floor chipping, Qi Qiao, arch, sound and other issues.
Check the ground is solid: with a screwdriver handle or hammer on the ground,commercial plaza exterior wood doors

check the ground is empty, peeled off. If the ground is empty or peeled off, you will need to reprocess the ground. Otherwise, after laying the floor for a period of time, there will be noise because the ground is not solid.

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