Further Stripping Down The KitTen

The "KitTen" is a fully featured Arduino-compatible board in kit form, using all through-hole parts for easy assembly. [Product page]
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Further Stripping Down The KitTen

Post by itinerantAlien » Sat Oct 29, 2016 7:28 am


I've been a long time user of Elevens (my preferred go-to Uno compatible thanks to its quality) but I now want to strip some KitTens right down to create minimal, high quality, lower power using Uno-like boards. As such, I thought I'd leave out the power LED (LED1) and its associated resistor (R1), and the LED on D13 and its associated resistor and FET (R2 and Q1). For some of my KitTens I'll also leave out the 3.3v power supply (REG2 and C11).

So, if I just leave those components off when I assemble the boards, will the boards work fine (albeit in their reduced capability)?

Also, despite searching all over I can't find out why all assemble-your-own-Arduino kits are Duemilanoves rather than Unos. The closest I got is a passing mention that the Duemilanove requires one less resistor than the Uno (but no explanation of what/where that resistor is). I'd really prefer to get my KitTens running as Unos as I'm woried that in x years time Duemilanoves will fall off the radar. Can anyone tell me what needs to be done to make a barebones Duemilanove a barebones Uno?


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