Christian Eriksen lays waste to Ireland’s World Cup dream

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Christian Eriksen lays waste to Ireland’s World Cup dream

Post by Son sovan » Wed Nov 15, 2017 6:11 am

Ouch. When Ireland fall apart, they fall apart spectacularly. The long road to Russia ends on a 5-1 hammering by Denmark and the consolation that maybe the world deserves to see Christian Eriksen in his prime. Out-scored, out-classed and out-thought, it was a devastating night for a limited Irish team with limitless courage. But it also marks a black night in Martin O’Neill’s long managerial career. And as the Danes celebrated, there was only one question. What now? SBOBET
“I will have to have a real think about it,” the Irish manager said about taking up a verbally agreed contract with the FAI to continue for a further two years. “We were beaten in a playoff game. We fought tooth and nail to get this to this position. The disappointment is really, really strong tonight but I have to commend the players on getting this far.”
Ninety minutes is an eternity in football. Two minutes before the kick-off, the Lansdowne crowd was raising the rooftops. It was the old stuff: intense and electric anticipation. Just give it an hour, survivors of the Copenhagen game muttered. This place will be like a morgue. SBOBET
But it wasn’t. From the beginning, it was as if both teams had been stung by the negative reaction to the general dreariness they inflicted on Saturday-night Copenhagen.
For the visiting Danes penned behind goal, it must have been a strange experience. The Irish roar at kick-off was primal and for the first four minutes every single tackle, challenge in the air and Danish mistake was cheered as if it was a goal. They sang Just Can’t Get Enough with more energy that Depeche Mode will probably do when they play Dublin on Thursday night. They were still singing it when Ireland smoothly and unbelievably did what everyone feared they might not. They scored. SBOBET

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