How To Upload A Sketch To Your Arduino Via A Network

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How To Upload A Sketch To Your Arduino Via A Network

Post by dynamicsoorya » Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:20 am

Hello friends,

Firstly, thanks to forum to share my experience. I have been working on Arduino stuff since from 6 months. Recently, i was thinking of to update the sketch via network and i found this forum. Here is the link to remotely update sketch: ... 6uPU_ldW1d
I bought the Programmer from freetronics and was able to boot-load the Uno. I have setup network settings and everything was successful.
But i failed at in Step 5 when i send the binary compiled code through tftp protocol. Did anyone try this? Is there anyone in this forum who can guide me in doing this? Did anyone did this ?

Help would be appreciable!

Thanks in advance!

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