tftpboot network settings

The EtherTen combines an Uno-equivalent Arduino-compatible board and Wiznet-based Ethernet support, along with a microSD card slot and Power-over-Ethernet support. [Product page]
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Re: tftpboot network settings

Post by kris » Sat Nov 11, 2017 11:29 am

For me personally, I wish I was able to make a setup to
– Flash arduino over ethernet (ethernet shield)
– How To Upload A Sketch To Your Arduino Via A Network
– OTA arduino - over the air by ethernet shield
so as in the following video is done by Yoan Andreev
It is done by TFTP … via the TFTPBOOTLOADER

Has somebody it up and running ... a DIY tutorial available;
Updated the sketches automatically whenever a newer version is available.

Flash arduino over ethernet – 24 jan. 2013
This is a demonstration video on my arduino which I can flash over our network! The DIY tutorial is coming up soon!
In a way I hoped to do it by his DIY tutorial
(the DIY video is not released/found)

MORE INFROMATION : ... Jbzsl2-xg - online readable

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Re: tftpboot network settings

Post by Rambert21 » Thu Apr 30, 2020 9:01 pm

andrewjfox wrote:
Tue Mar 31, 2015 2:17 am

Thanks for reply. I'm in the process of testing this out but am having lots of trouble getting bootloader to work. Would you be able to do an updated tutorial covering the changes required for latest IDE 1.6.1 (or even 1.5 or later).

I'm using Etherten board with freetronics USBasp programmer.

I found a link covering the changes required to get the goldilocks board recognized and followed steps to get the TFTP bootloader (no board) recognized

- transferred the arduino-tftpboot folder to the hardware folder under Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\
- renamed arduino-tftpboot to freetronics so it looks like c:\Program Files (x86)\Arduino\hardware\freetronics\avr\bootloaders\arduno-tftpboot\*.hex
- copied and modified the platform and programmers txt files

### changed following line in platform.txt

## deleted contents of programmers.txt

- copied the boards.txt from original arduino-tftpboot

This finally got the board to appear in the tools->boards list, however when I tried to burm bootloader it stopped on error with lock bits. I had to uncomment both the lock/unlock bits lines so my boards.txt now looks like following (complete)

############## = TFTP Bootloader ATmega328 (No Upload) = atmega328p = 16000000L = arduino:arduino = arduino:standard

arduino-tftpboot.upload.maximum_size = 28672
rembourser crédit


Now it burns the bootloader ok, but I can't see the device on the network. I'm using a static network (just my PC connected to Arduino), and have set my PC to static settings compatible with tftpboot default settings

I've verified that programmer works ok by reverting board back to Uno (optiboot) which worked fine

Any suggestions?
Has there been this updated tutorial covering the changes required for the latest IDE 1.6.1?

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