Manchester United news: Jose Mourinho may cost club Gareth Bale

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Manchester United news: Jose Mourinho may cost club Gareth Bale

Post by kema cooll » Tue Nov 21, 2017 8:31 am

Gareth Bale may not want to sign for Manchester United
SBOBET As Manchester United prepare their third serious bid to steal Gareth Bale away from Real Madrid it’s fair to wonder whether or not the Welshman really wants to move to Old Trafford. More specifically, it’s reasonable to ask ourselves whether or not Bale really wants to play for Jose Mourinho.
SBOBET There’s no question that Mourinho is an excellent manager. His resume speaks for itself. There’s also no doubt that he wants to sign Bale. He’s made that abundantly clear on several occasions to the press. Furthermore, it’s obvious that United are one of the few clubs in Europe who possess the financial power to pry him away from Real Madrid.
None of that means that SBOBET Bale wants to play for The Special One though. If you consider his style of play, it’s more likely that he’d want to be managed by someone who is the complete opposite of Mourinho.

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