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'Las' reveals team Ashe also backed 'Emery'.
Paris Saint-Germain's new midfielder, Paris Saint-Germain, insists he and his team-mates are ready to back up United's full-time work, despite losing to Real. Real Madrid come 1-3 in the UEFA Champions League.
The Yarra's interview after the game won 5-2 Strasbourg after the current fan is not satisfied that the Spaniard is not suitable to coach the team.
"Everybody is backing their coaches. We know what happened in the first leg. And we know what to do in the second leg, "said Yarra.
"The stream is criticizing it is normal. We win, we win together. We lose together with each other. Ashes is a club with a lot of experience. So we will prepare to deal in the second leg. "sbobet online 24 :mrgreen:
"This match we want to return to victory in the game to Strasbourg. And it did it. It is another game we have to make good before the Real Madrid. "

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