How to Fix if Yahoo Email Spam Filter Not Working

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How to Fix if Yahoo Email Spam Filter Not Working

Post by johnwick91 » Tue Sep 26, 2017 6:14 am

Yahoo email spam filter failure is the state when spam emails escapee from the filter and then automatically reaches to the inbox. There could be a couple of reasons responsible regarding the Spam filter failure.
Here are the steps to stop Spam in Yahoo inbox folder:
• Yahoo users need to use tabs as “Spam” & “Not Spam”
• Need to create the filter correctly.
• Need to block the suspected sender’s email address immediately.
• In case most of the spams are being sent by a specific domain, it must be blocked at once.
• Most importantly, you don’t permit images being showed in emails automatically.
Yahoo is worldwide web based free Yahoo mail service customer care which was introduced by Yahoo.

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