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Beaglebone Black

Posted: Mon May 23, 2016 1:38 am
by plaw
After encountering this post on the Beaglebone site, , it occurred to me that I should be able to get the BBB to run the FTOLED128 without much trouble.

So I've gone ahead and tried it. I noted that on the latest 4.4 images that the fbtft stuff is built by default so I've not needed to build any new kernel.

I've gone ahead and wired it up accordingly:

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1    5V      2      5V     P9.5  5V         RED
2    GND     6      GND    P9.1  GND        BLACK
3    SD CS                 P9.42 SPI1_CS1   ORANGE
4    SD CD                                  BROWN
5    MISO                  P9.29 SPI1_D0    GREEN   /* spi1_d0 MISO */
6    MOSI    19     MOSI   P9.30 SPI1_D1    YELLOW  /* spi1_d1 MOSI */
7    SCK     23     SCLK   P9.31 SPI1_SCLK  PURPLE  /* spi1_sclk */
8    OLED CS 24     CS0    P9.28 SPI1_CSO   BLUE    /* spi1_cs0 */
9    DNC     22     GPIO25 P9.12 GPIO_60    GREY    /* gpio1_28 - dc */
10   RST     18     GPIO24 P9.15 GPIO_48    WHITE   /* gpio1_16 - reset */
I then ensure no HDMI is enabled at boot (conflict with SPI1) by adding

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to /boot/uEnv.txt

I then follow step 3 of the URL above to load the SPI1 Overlay on the Beaglebone Black

I then modify step 4 of the URL to do this:
sudo modprobe fbtft_device busnum=1 name=freetronicsoled128 debug=7 verbose=3 gpios=dc:60,reset:48 speed=20000000

My understanding, based on what I've read about using the OLED128 on the RPi, is that the speed is 20MHz hence I selected that number. I've also tried without.

The modules are all loaded, debug information is going into the system log, the FrameBuffer device is created.

But there's nothing on the screen. Zip. Zilch. De nada.

I'm kind of out of ideas right now and if anyone has any hints at all, it'd be appreciated. The OLED128 is a great little screen for logger purposes and would go really well given the access to a secondard SD Card with the BBB. If I could just work out how to get a picture on it, it'd be great because could probably move onto the card and buttons :D

Anyone? Thanks in advance!

Re: Beaglebone Black

Posted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 10:25 pm
by plaw
After seeing the RPi adapter for this board, I thought I'd drop by this thread again. So, yeah... if anyone can help out. I'll hopefully get back to it Soon(tm)

Re: Beaglebone Black

Posted: Sat Jun 01, 2019 9:53 am
by plaw
For the record, I didn't pursue this much further but am back to fiddling on the display with RPi. I think there's some major breakage involving Debian Stretch, well at least insofar as the documentation as provided no longer matches supported distributions. I've been hacking away, and went to contact support@freetronics but their email address isn't working because domain name doesn't
Have contacted them elsewhere so hopefully that will at least get fixed :)