LED single Flash and Servo Jitter on start-up

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LED single Flash and Servo Jitter on start-up

Post by Sullo321 » Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:49 am


I loving the Eleven.

I got the experimenter's kit and am making good progress on being able to control 8 LEDs with a shift register and also a servo in preparation for applying the project to a doll house.

My sketch operates as I plan but when I plug in the USB for the first time, the LED's flash for an instant and the servo jitters a little. After that instant (far less than a second), the board and the sketch operates as I plan.

I have read that this might be that there is current leak to the outputs while the bootloader runs/starts before it gets to my program.

Is this a problem or just how it works?

Can it be fixed through, as I have read, placing a "pull down resitor" (eg 7K) somewhere.

I can post an image and a diagram if it would assist.


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