Arduino to Arduino serial data transfer, logging/web

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Arduino to Arduino serial data transfer, logging/web

Post by platypus » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:35 pm

I have looked all over the web for a send/receive sketch to connect two Arduinos - no joy so far. I have never needed to worry about doing this before starting this project.

Even Bill Porters easy transfer is ' not that easy'.
He uses a data STRUCT but does not give an example of how to format the variable data i.e. is it comma or space separated etc

Is there really a straightforward program to transfer serial data from one Arduino to another?

I have a project where I cannot connect the Eleven sampling the data ( no usb, no PC) and need to send it to an EtherMega using either hardware or softserial for data transfer, a logging sketch for SD file storage on the ethermega and eventually to a web server, so the EtherMega is perfect for this job.

Has anyone done this and if so could you tell me where to find the right sketches or information?

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