How to Make Your Own Fusion Hair Bundles

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How to Make Your Own Fusion Hair Bundles

Post by alihair » Wed Jan 24, 2018 7:45 am

The tipping procedure includes coating the Peruvian Hair, for them to later be applied into the hair. Although the tipping process can be time consuming, DIY tipping allows you to use the exact Brazilian Hair, color and desired length for your hair extensions.

1. Spread a piece of parchment paper onto a hard work space. The parchment paper will prevent your Hair Bundles from sticking directly to your work space once the glue is applied.

2. Break the keratin fusion glue sticks into smaller pieces so they are able to fit into the fusion melting pot.

3. Place the cut-up keratin glue stick pieces into the fusion melting pot and melt the glue.

4. Cut small sections from your hair weave and wait for the keratin glue to melt completely.

5. Put on the fusion finger guards to prevent hot keratin glue from coming into direct contact with your hands.

6. Dip the first three-quarters of an inch of a small section of hair into the melted glue, remove and quickly roll between your fingers until a point is created.

7. Lay the fusion extension bundles onto the parchment paper to dry.

8. Continue this process until the desired amount of fusion hair extensions is created.

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