flooring to allow spaces

The "Eleven" is our Uno-equivalent Arduino-compatible board, but with a number of improvements including prototyping area, a mini-USB connector, LEDs mounted near the edge, and the D13 LED isolated using a FET. [Product page]
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flooring to allow spaces

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and unharmed by rain, snow, oil, and flooding. This resistance is due to the fact that epoxy coatings, unlike paints, come in two parts. When mixed, a catalyzing process changes these two parts from a liquid to a permanent solid. In contrast, paints are carried in water or solvent bases that evaporate
to leave the finish. If you reintroduce one of those carriers to the surface, the paint often is able to re-dissolve back into a liquid state. Even
though painted garage finishes are formulated to resist re-dissolving into their carriers, under stress they can be susceptible to blistering, pealing, and chipping. But water and most solvents have no effect on sealed epoxy surfaces. Epoxy flooring goes on at the job site and requires no seams,
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