RGB Cycle and tone on startup

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RGB Cycle and tone on startup

Post by JaseVic » Wed Apr 08, 2015 10:32 am


I have just purchased my first LeoStick as an entry into the world of arduino and am having a problem trying to work out if I have done something wrong or if I have a product fault. Most likely it is my fault, as most problems are caused by the users!
Anyway, after installing the board drivers and loading up the profile into arduino 1.6.3 I have plugged in my board to my USB port on my windows 8 laptop. It straight away makes a tone sequence from the piezo of low,mid,high,low,mid,high then stops and the RGB led cycles through the three colours constantly.
When loading a scetch, I have selected the com port from tools, as well as selected the freetronics leostick from the board profiles.
The scetch I have tried is the blink one everyone seems to suggest and I end up with the same result.
When pressing reset the RGB led just pulses red quickly indicating version 2, then when the scetch loads it emits the tones and cycles the RGB led.
The only other thing I have noticed is that in device manager the stick now shows up as an arduino leonardo. Should I still use the LeoStick board profile in the arduino software?
Hopefully someone can give me some pointers to sort out this device.



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Re: RGB Cycle and tone on startup

Post by angusgr » Wed Apr 08, 2015 9:53 pm

Hi Jason,

What output do you see in the bottom pane of the Arduino IDE window when you perform the upload? Does it indicate success?

If there's nothing helpful there, go to File -> Preferences and check the box for "Verbose ... Upload". Then you should see more output during the upload, hopefully something helpful there. You can select text in that field and use Ctrl-C to copy it to the clipboard (edit menu copy doesn't work, it's an Arduino IDE bug).

The board will work if the Type is set to "Arduino Leonardo", but we request people use the Freetronics LeoStick profile as those are our USB IDs, and the other ones belong to Arduino. Bear in mind that if you use "Arduino Leonardo" then you'll need two sets of Windows drivers installed, the standard Arduino drivers (for when the sketch is running as a Leonardo) and the Freetronics USB drivers (for when the bootloader is running as a LeoStick).


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