LeoStick audio / adding a ATmega328P

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LeoStick audio / adding a ATmega328P

Post by JFiddle » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:53 am

Hey all. New here.

Bought myself a Leostick today got the blinky sketch going. Things are just fine. I've seen some do audio (guitar) stuff with the Uno/Eleven, so I thought I'd start small, you know. I also purchased a shield and a ATmega328P chip (like the one on the Eleven)

I have two main questions;

1/ Is the Leostick capable of any real-time audio processing?
2/ Can I add the ATmega328P with the LeoStick for more processing power? Or even add it to the Eleven, for the same reason? How could I go about this?

I'm tired of building run-o-the-mill stompboxes and this seems like the next step.

Anyone out there done useful audio with a "beefed up" LeoStick?

- JFiddle

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