Not Waving Drowning - The Leo Stick Blues - Can't Upload

A shrunk down Leonardo-compatible board, thumb drive sized with native USB support. [Product info]
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Not Waving Drowning - The Leo Stick Blues - Can't Upload

Post by squirrel » Fri May 11, 2012 6:12 pm


I am still trying to get my Leo Stick to upload a sketch !
(I have been trying since I bought the stick on Wednesday 9th May)

All the information is on the following thread/viewtopic link :


I am advanceing slowly and have worked out how to dissociate
compiling and uploading in the arduino IDE by
putting my avrdude commands into a DOS batch file
which actually works and runs as it does in the IDE
BUT with the same end result i.e. avrdude just hangs at around 90%
progress and goes nowhere after that.

It seems obvious to me that we need a bootloader
with a much larger operating window than three seconds
to deal with overriding problem sketches.

Could anyone in the know please throw me a line (drowning) ?!

I know that Jon is a busy man and having lots of fun
with his home automation/etherTens and light switches which have their
own network conns/mac addresses etc..
and meanwhile another poor newbie (me)
is trying to join the ( fun ? ) arduino revolution
(which everyone here seems to be enjoying a lot)
if I can ever get this Leonardo Stick working.
(wrings his hands in despair).

I have been trying folks but I just don't have the know how
yet in this field. sigh.....

Any crumbs of help gladly accepted from a poor arduino orphan. ?8o(

I mean Jon gets to play all weekend and me ? do I get any fun
from my Leonardo stick this weekend ? ( I'll let you guess ).

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Re: Not Waving Drowning - The Leo Stick Blues - Can't Upload

Post by ratfink » Sun May 13, 2012 1:05 am

Don't know if it will help, but I couldn't get it to work in Win7 64 on my ASUS N61J laptop.
I found that turning off the Bluetooth (which wasn't doing anything) seems to have cured the problem. (it also had the problem that the menus were incredibly slow to come up.)
It now works 98% - so maybe the same will work for you? . I also unplugged any USB/RS232 converter, but that didn't seem to be a problem.
Hope you get it working OK

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Freetronics Staff
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Re: Not Waving Drowning - The Leo Stick Blues - Can't Upload

Post by marc » Sun May 13, 2012 2:11 pm

Hope this helps, we've just done a tutorial and background info on hung sketch recovery and the bootloader, it's here to help if you need it:


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