Powering LeoStick with 6v

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Powering LeoStick with 6v

Post by dtbaker » Sun Dec 02, 2012 1:39 pm


I have an RC vehicle with a 6v or 12v power supply available for use, and I would like to power the LeoStick.

Will the LeoStick work with 6v? If not, what are some options for me to convert this 6v to 5v so it's safe to power the LeoStick?

I have a LM2576-5.0 here but apparently that needs a coil to wire up correctly. Is there something easier to wire up for a 6v to 5v drop if needed?

Successfully setup the LeoStick to read input from a spare receiver channel on the RC vehicle. Will be using the Leo to switch a few relays for lighting and other goodies. Woo!


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