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PlatformIO support (for LeoStick v2)

Posted: Sat Feb 22, 2020 2:29 am
by lordmortis
I don't know if anyone's done this, so i've started.

I've got a fork of the platformIO atmelavr repo with a config file created via the existing ones. I'm still trying to figure out how to add the boards file.

You can do this yourself by:
  1. Installing the AVR support for platformIO
  2. Adding the leostick file file to core_dir/platforms/atmelavr/boards/
(on linux your core_dir will be ~/.platformio, and on windows it will be %HOMEPATH%\.platformio. I've not tried windows yet but will later today)

If anyone else knows more about how to get this working i'd appreciate tips on what i'm doing wrong (if anything)