DMD with an sr04 ping sensor

The Dot Matrix Display (DMD) is a 32x16 array of high-brightness LEDs for visually striking effects. [Product Page]
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Re: DMD with an sr04 ping sensor

Post by stryker » Tue Apr 22, 2014 2:05 pm

You've actually got everything you need here to do what you want.
the dmd.drawString needs to be ascociated to a string ex: cm
and the other dmd.drawString to the inche values ...
The simplest way, as you rightly point out here is to construct a string object and output the inches at 0,0 (say), then create another for the cm and output it to 0, 7 so you have your two lines of output.
again im trying to understand the "buffer" because it seem to call all the cm and inches values ... but how to separate them and send them to their respective places.
"buffer" is simply the name given to an array of characters. The output is assembled in a String object, since that has some useful methods for manipulating the text. The drawString() function cannot use this data type - it needs a character array for output so the buffer is used for the final step.

Hope this helps, Geoff

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