Ethermega SD card holder problem

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Ethermega SD card holder problem

Post by bmd1103 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 9:58 pm

I have been working on a project using an EtherMega board, to develop an HTML interface. This has required frequent removals and replacements of the SD card to modify the index program stored on it.

Just as I am getting to grips with the whole area of HTML programming, and interconnecting the Arduino and HTML packages,
the EtherMega board is rinitialising correctly but reefusing to recognise the .htm programs stored on the SD card. To add insult to injury, my 2nd EtherMega board has exactly the same problem. This occurs with a number of different files (some of which have been unmodified since working correctly. All are using the correct format of <8 characters filename, 3 letter extension. This happens with several different SD cards, so it's not a card problem. One of the cards can be read by an Ether10 board with a side-loaded SD socket, as opposed to the flip-top version on the EtherMega.

My initial diagnosis is that the EtherMega sockets have developed faults. They seem to be a bit flimsy and the frequent handling has always given me a bit of concern.

Has anyone had similar experiences, and if so how was it dealt with? I'm prepared to have a go at mounting a more robust micro-SD card holder if that is recommended.

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