suggested product enhancement/addition

Combining the power of the ATmega2560 MCU with onboard Ethernet, a microSD card slot, an efficient switchmode power supply, and a small prototyping area. [Product page]
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suggested product enhancement/addition

Post by craigcurtin » Thu Jun 20, 2013 5:57 am


I love the ether mega but it is a right royal pain trying to get many shields working with it because of the ethernet socket.

In particular the range of mega sensor shields out there have to have a double row of headers added to ensure the board clears the ethernet jack - this is OK for the digital and analog side pins - however i am yet to find a set of headers for the double row of pins at the end of the board. Trying to "make" a set does not work as they do not line up correctly.

The only workable solution i have found so far is to use a right angle male/female header combo from a PCB to enable me to bring these pins out - i do however then not have them represented on the Sensor shields/proto shields

I think this is something sorely needed to enable clearance of the ethernet jack.


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