vertical roller mill in stone industry

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vertical roller mill in stone industry

Post by gjsohcat » Tue Jan 23, 2018 1:28 am

In recent years, in our country, milling machine market has been very promising, because of the fast development of the industry has driven the demand quantity to the vertical roller mill is huge, so the mill also in the continuous development and improvement, is the mill development direction of lapping powder machine, because of a variety of industrial policies of the state are to the development of high-tech products in the direction of prompting the mill industry, and the domestic investment projects are becoming more and more, the investors focus on milling machine market is more and more closely, it also provides a convenience for the development of milling machine industry.

From the market situation, vertical roller mill, and the industry chain operation, competition and other aspects of analysis, some laws of development can draw the milling machine industry and some existing problems, and these problems are integration and improvement, so as to promote development of milling machine industry more robust.

In fact, domestic small milling machine manufacturers, we can see that most of them belong to small and medium enterprises, a large manufacturer is very good, so the lack of innovation are common to the whole milling machine industry, because small businesses without enough funds established R amp; D center, development of vertical roller mill of new generation, so innovation is encountered problems due to the large enterprise, has a professional R amp; D team, so the general model of the equipment from large vendors, therefore, local governments need to intensify our efforts, but also the development of milling machine industry also needs the support of all departments.

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