Power consumption of NDRIVE?

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Power consumption of NDRIVE?

Post by jules » Sat Sep 10, 2016 12:34 pm

My cameras at a remote site need to take images at fixed intervals (timelapse). At present they remain on standby the rest of the time. To get longer duration from the external batteries (12v) I would like to turn power supply on - take image - turn off - wait for next image time. Also turn off overnight.

As an electronics-newbie I'm thinking this might feasible with a control system with NDRIVE and RTC. There will certainly be a steep learning curve for me!

Only worthwhile to attempt this if the control system will draw considerably less power than cameras running in standby mode. So, I'm trying to estimate power requirements.

Can you tell me please, what is the power consumption of NDRIVE under 'on' and 'off'' conditions ?
With RTC module having its own coin cell, can I assume negligible additional power draw for RTC?

Many thanks!

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