433MHz receiver shield and NetDuino

315MHz and 433MHz wireless connections are very commonly used by consumer electronics including weather stations, home automation remote controls, power consumption meters, car alarms, and also many DIY projects.
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433MHz receiver shield and NetDuino

Post by KenBobPDX » Tue May 29, 2012 5:23 am

I'm just getting started in the "Xduino" world. I have both an Arduino uno and a NetDuino. I'm going to try and interface the 433MHz shield with the NetDuino. Are there any "gotchas" lurking about that I should be aware of, or can anyone who has interfaced these two pieces of equipment give me some advice of what to be aware of?
I'm an experienced .NET C# programmer and love the micro CLR .NET framework and Visual Studio IDE, so that's my preference for development. Any head's up advice would be appreciated.

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Re: 433MHz receiver shield and NetDuino

Post by RLmonitor » Wed Jun 06, 2012 9:46 am

Your code has to take account that the receiver will see a lot of noise. You may have to wait for may seconds to see good data. For example, an Oregon Scientific weather sensor may transmit at around 40 second intervals, but you don't know when. If your code is busy rendering a web page, it may miss the data. If you want a simple to implement radio link, I suggest something like the Xbee products. They implement retries, and addressed transmission.

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